Chlorine removal

The removal of Chlorine is a must-have in any water filter system that you install on your home. Chlorine is a required element in the delivery of safe water from the council's water systems. It sterilizes the water, killing bacteria and other bugs that would otherwise be dangerous to your health. However once the water is in your home there is no need to have the chlorine as it has already done its job.

The KP Water system is designed to remove up to 99% of the chlorine, but because chlorine sterilization produces a range of harmful by-products including THM’s, dioxin and chloroform etc., the system needs to remove up to 99% of them too. Unfortunately the by-products cannot be detected by taste or smell and can go undetected.  We believe that the KP Water filter system is one of the most efficient at removing all of these.

What we can say is that the water quality going into your house can be far better than what the council's provide. Chlorine is not needed in your house and is potentially damaging to your health, your plants, your skin and to kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Additionally the KP Water whole-house water filter system removes heavy metals and feedback from our customers tell us that it reduces the hard water effects. We don't remove any elements but change the physical characteristics of lime and silica scale, making it much easier to clean off.  The principle behind our Virtual Ionizer is consistent with tests carried out in Japan in 2005. These tests showed that under laboratory conditions magnetic treatment effected the structure of minerals in water, which can soften calcium deposits and reduce the surface tension of the water (detergent action).

Any questions on water quality or your unique situation please get in touch.