Is your calcium build up actually silica?

Be aware many sales people (from other companies of course) will claim that you have calcium build up because they can solve that. What you might really have is silica build up.


Last year I was talking to a lady about scale build-up on bathroom fittings in the Western Bay of Plenty. She was adamant it was calcium (lime) scale and wanted a system that "would remove calcium" as she was moving into a gated community and wanted good clean water that didn't mess up the shower glass.. I tried to explain that there was little (if any) problem with calcium scale in the area and she really needed a system that would address silica scale.

Silica scale is a well known problem throughout many parts of NZ, especially in the Bay of Plenty and is often (in ignorance) mistaken for lime scale. Silica is virtually impossible to remove from glass once it has formed a molecular bond, which is almost instantaneous once the water evaporates leaving the silica in direct contact with the glass. Glass is made from silica and thus they form a powerful bond under the right circumstances. The only 'in-line' filter we have seen to date (besides RO -expensive and slow) that will reduce the nasty effects of silica is the Kiwipure 'Ionizer'. It has a unique design, using rare earth magnets to produce a very strong 'focused field' that has been well proven to reduce lime scale. It was designed & developed here in Tauranga, initially to reduce lime scale, but over the last few years we have modified it to also reduce silica scale. As far as we know this is a world first and we have had inquiries from overseas in places like Mexico where silica is a huge problem.

Unfortunately, the lady above has information from sales people who cannot 'fix' silica and therefore label it 'calcium' so their own system looks like the right choice. She proceeded to inform me I "knew nothing about the water here,,,, and also the local council had said it was calcium". However, that is possible as local councils are not necessarily well informed on technical matters and sometimes just repeat what they've been told.

Fortunately there are many people who realise that most sales people actually do care that their customers get the right advice and the right product. We want ongoing business, preferably by 'word-of-mouth', which these days is around 50% of our business.

Warren East, Kiwipure