There is a lot of bad information out on the Internet about water - and especially from suppliers of water filters. We have first hand information from certain sellers claiming all sorts of things that are simply not true. We want to ensure all our customers know the truth about what is possible and that we stand by our product. To assist customers to get the best solution we offer a free consultation service with our water expert to ensure the right products are being used to solve your water problem.

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Limescale is not only annoying aesthetically but very damaging to fittings, and people living in 'hard' water areas know how difficult it can be to remove! Limescale can be removed by washing with a strong acid, or chipping and hard scrubbing, but both these methods are very cost and labour intensive and therefore not usually practical or economical. Our system is one of only a couple we have found that reduces the effects of Limescale.

A Virtual Ionizer is supplied which is a water softening device. The Virtual Ionizer not only reduces the formation of limescale in pipes, kettles, water heating systems, bathroom fittings, appliances like Dishwashers and laundry machines etc., but also will slowly remove existing limescale from pipes. The Kiwipure Virtual Ionizer is only a third of the cost of the older ‘salty’ Ionizer and unlike them, does not require electricity or salt.

An additional and very important benefit of having the Kiwipure 'Ionizer' is the water now behaves 'as if' it were soft, and lathering and cleaning is much improved. These benefits are not only healthier, but save money by reducing damage to fixtures and fittings and also extending the life of appliances and water heating systems.

Hard water. Interestingly, 80% of the earth’s potable water is specified as 'hard' due to the presence of dissolved compounds like lime and silica that will quickly leave hard deposits!

Silica scale is much more difficult, if not impossible to remove especially from glass, ceramic bench tops, appliances and stainless steel fittings.  Kiwipure have developed a revolutionary new ‘Ionizer’ that will greatly reduce the build-up of silica scale and also make cleaning it off much easier.  Testimonials from some of the many ‘high silica’ areas in NZ show a 70-80% improvement in scale build-up and removal. 

Some examples of ‘High Silica’ (volcanic origin) ground water areas in NZ are: - Northland, Auckland, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Central Plateau, Waikato and many areas around Christchurch and Dunedin that have volcanic soils.

Can you afford a Kiwipure water filter system? If you consider all the benefits, including being able to fill your water bottle straight from any tap (as shown at the left of this page) then the system can potentially pay for itself in 24-36 Months.  The system does not require electricity or chemicals and the maintenance (filter changes) are normally less than running an under-bench filter system that only filters a fraction of your water.  The health conscious will quickly realize the benefits of removing chlorine and heavy metals from ALL the water in the house, especially the shower. Dramatic reduction in dermatitis and eczema has already been demonstrated in the Bay of Plenty during an ongoing clinical trial.

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