Why whole-house?

Water filters for pure clean water from every tap in your house

The under-bench option is a kitchen-only water filtering option which means you only get one tap giving you filtered water. Secondly, the filters usually do not filter to the save level as large mains based filters with the KiwiPure Virtual Ironizer System.

Something also to consider is that under-bench filters can actually be more expensive than our whole-house filters to replace each year depending on the type and supplier. The whole house unit's main benefits include:

1. Your kitchen, shower, outside taps, laundry taps, and wash basins all have pure water flowing from them;

2. If you add up the components one-for-one including the KiwiPure Ironizer the cost is comparable;

3. You don't need to change filters as much as under bench.

The KiwiPure system is complete out of the box without the need to run any other systems (including UV options if required). The system not only purifies but also conditions your water which is unique to the KiwiPure Virtual Ironizer System.

As you might have seen HRV are pushing healthy homes which includes water. Their system which licensed from Kiwipure is effectively the same system.

If you are not convinced yet, check out our testimonials on our home page to see what difference it can do.